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            Well, its now to choose and buy the hardware required to set up a PC. There are a lot of manufacturers coming up with hardware's for the PC. Below are the required hardware's to be bought:.
             The first step is to shop for the computer casing. For the latest motherboard today, get preferably the ATX type casing, because motherboards today are produced in the ATX type. The best in the market for computer casing now is the I-CUTE brand in Malaysia. It's cheap and usually come with a 400WATT power supply unit. .
             Front view Side View .
             Usually the casing comes with it's on power supply cord and screws(including mounting screws). Today, most casing comes with its own mounting. That means, there is no need for mounting screws at all. .
             Power Supply Unit Screws and mountings.
             The power supply will come prefixed with the casing. The screws and mountings on the other hand will be given in a packet attached usually with a tape on the casing.
             The next step is to shop around for a good motherboard. Good motherboards are really difficult to choose. Some come with a lot of functions and its cheap, and some come with little functions and it is expensive. Why is that? Well, basically, it's the quality of the product, some motherboards do give a lot of problems, always hanging, crashes and sometimes, it is very difficult to overclock the computer when we want to. Well here is one of the best motherboards around, never crashed once, great features and scored highly in the benchmark tests. I'm talking about the EPOX 8K9A3+ which was given awards and recognition b a few major companies and PC magazines.
             EPOX 8K9A3+ Contents.

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