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computers in Our World Today

            ABSTRACT: Back in the 1950's computers were just being introduced and most common people did not know anything about them. Today, this is not the case. Computers and new technology, like the internet, has taken the business world by storm and our personal daily lives have been enriched because of them. Businesses are now dependent upon them and most people can't live without them.
             Keywords: computers, technology, internet, business.
             1. INTRODUCTION.
             The history of computers dates back to World War II, when a team of scientists and engineers at the University of Pennsylvania invented a general-purpose electronic digital calculator. It was called ENIAC, or Electronic Numerator, Integrator, Analyzer, and Computer. It consisted of 18,000 vacuum tubes, occupied most of a large room, and added 5000 ten-digit decimal numbers a second. ENIAC was a revolutionary development, light years ahead of any other calculators. [1].
             ENIAC was not a computer in the strict meaning of the term however. It could not store a program telling the computer what to do. Although ENIAC wasn't a true computer, it quickly led to the invention of one, and today's computers are its direct descendents.
             The first true computer invented was called EDVAC, Electronic Discrete Variable .
             Computer, and was completed in 1952. It was stored in a large room where it occupied all the .
             space available. From this other more sophisticated computers were born eventually .
             leading us to the Pentium computers we have today. Computers are now faster than ever and can do things never thought possible. Now businesses rely on them and people see them as a necessity. [1].
             It is not a secret that businesses now completely rely on computers. Not only businesses, but also any large organization that wants to keep their "edge" in today's world needs a computer system. Businesses usually keep a list of all their employees, clients and information on huge databases.

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