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Journals on Art

             Doppelganger composed by Susan Crile, this painting expresses a strong contrast and emotion which could immediately catch the attention of a viewer. This piece was created with few charcoal colors which are dark. By looking at this painting, I perceived a gloomy, rage-like, and unpleasant mood that was trying to be portrayed. It puzzled me as I observed this painting about what the fire and the background are symbolizing. It displays no sign of life- animals, humans, and plants. One might see on the other hand, this as a war or battle scene, although it does not hint to a time period.
             It is mystifying to why the fires are there and how they were started. In the painting they are spread out, almost like groups of people were building them in separate areas. These fires shoot out vivid and vibrant oranges and yellows which are more noticeable than the other colors. The thick dark smoke that rises out of the flame leads the viewer off the painting and does not hint to how far off it is which can help understand how long the fire has been going on for. .
             The ground in this painting has hints of yellow and brown which are not the attractive colors in the piece. They seem to be less expressed because the fire is the most important aspect of the piece. The ground almost seems very dirty and not nurtured which makes it so no plants can grow on it. .
             Journal #2.
             Margarethe Mather took the photo Max Eastman Seated on Railing, which brings up the immediate thought of loneliness for me. I enjoy how this portrait shows a man in nice attire sitting on a railing in what seems to be the middle of nowhere. I wonder what the photographer wanted to portray from the photo, maybe for a feeling of longing and wanting to be apart of something. How did this man get to this place and why is he sitting there by himself? These questions pop into my head while gazing at this portrait. .
             I wonder what this man is thinking of, is he sad? Depressed? At peace with himself? The man in the portrait is also looking out into the world at something, and I found it so interesting that the viewer does not have a clue to what it is; in fact it could be just looking out into nothing but sand and sky.

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