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Costa Rica

             My favorite country in the world is not the land of opportunity. I like to consider it the land of freedom. I see it as a possible old America where working ethics have to be achieved by hard work and dedication. My favorite country is Costa Rica. Not only is it one of the most beautiful countries in the world, but it holds true work ethics and freedom. .
             In order to start to understand the beauty of Costa Rica you must first understand its geographical entities which make it as phenomenal as it is today. It is located in the Central Americas between Panama and Nicaragua. The county is one of Central America's most successive countries. It is bordered by two bodies of water, the North Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Coast Rica is a huge agricultural country which is understandable due to its huge, magnificent and beautiful rain forests. .
             When you first visit Costa Rica it seems almost too good to be true. It's very magnificent and calm. Despite its neighboring countries that have racked turmoil for the reputation of Central America, Costa Rica has a few extreme cases of wealth in the country as well as no standing army. It contains one of the most stable democracies that Central America has ever seen. The local Ticos, or Costa Ricans, take pride in knowing that there are no particular problems that require a massive army or huge police force. They pride themselves that they have more teachers than policemen. It is far from a third world country with electricity and running water flowing through every town and city, which is very impressive in comparison to most countries in the region. It has one of the best telecommunications in Latin America as well as uses the volcanoes for energy towards the powering of the cities and towns. .
             Costa Rica has a diversity of beauty and adventure. There is an extreme difference between regions and the surrounding area. Within one hour of the capital city, San Jose, you can go from an airy rainforest to a open plain savannah to rain soaked lagoons and swamps to white sandy beaches, half of which have been untouched by humans and offshore coral reefs that are magnificent to look at.

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