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Colonist Unity

            When Britain starting colonizing in 1607 with Jamestown, never would they imagine that the American colonies would rebel in time. Although it took the colonists over 150 years to finally decide that enough is enough, the long process of finding their own identity through social developments, religious tolerances, and improvement of unity finally appeared. On the eve of the revolution, England finally got what they deserved. .
             Many colonists came to the New World in search of religious freedom. The Pilgrims and Puritans along with Quakers didn't have to worry about persecution. As time progressed, many churches were created and more and more different religions such as Methodists, Jewish and Catholics were tolerated. Eventually some tax supported churches were established. This included the Anglican and Congregation Church but excluded Rhode Island. In the 1730s, an important religious event occurred called the Great Awakening. Many of the colonists were not satisfied and started a big religious revival. All 13 of the colonies were affected as this colony wide mass movement demonstrated their revolt towards Britain. .
             The colonists were becoming more American than English with the New World converting into a melting pot. It varied in demographics as time progressed. The founding of tobacco, rice, and sugar caused the triangular trade to be of great usage. It resulted with 20% of population being African. The Swedes, Dutch and French were also part of the diversity in America. Most of the colonists were also farmers because of agriculture, but those who were doctors and lawyers were looked down upon. The Colonial Society has no aristocracy. It basically meant that the more land you have, the more power you will gain. By this time, colonists didn't need England to overpower them in any way. .

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