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Advantages and Disadvantages of Colonists and British

            At the beginning of the American Revolutionary War, Great Britain and its colonists were known as one entity. However, in the years before the war, the differences between both sides gradually evolved to create two separate parties - Great Britain and the rebellious Americans. As each side committed wrongs against the other, they eventually became separated and war was inevitable. Based on their distinct advantages, the British and the colonists created two separate military strategies that relied on their individual political, social, and economical differences. .
             After its recent victories against the French and Indians, Britain did not react well to the recent colonial uprisings and boycotts. Deciding to end these frivolous acts of rebellion, the mother country prepared for war. At the time, Britain had an army of over 50,000 men and had the money to hire 30,000 German Hessians. In the colonies, they recruited thousands of Loyalists and Indians as well. Their troops were well armed and well supplied, boasting magnificent red coats and gleaming bayonets. However, despite these military and monetary advantages, the British were a lot weaker than they appeared to be. Closer to home was the threat of the Irish, which required troops to keep watch over, and the French, who were waiting for a chance to strike. Government officials were often corrupted and tyrannical, selfish men who did more harm than good. Socially, Britain was no better off. Many British soldiers did not have the morale to travel such a great distance to kill their own cousins. Once they got there, they would have to face cruel officers, unknown territory, and lack of a steady stream of supplies. .
             The colonists had their own difficulties as well. Manufactured goods were scarce, so shoes and clothes were often ragged or nonexistent. This would prove to be a problem later on, as the bitter cold winters approached. The small, untrained military force had little or not combat experience, and relied on morale for their success.

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