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Principles of the Constitution

            The Four Principles of the Constitution.
             The framers of the Constitution set forth four principles that provided the backbone for a new Government. These principles were federalism, the republic, separation of powers, and checks and balances. .
             The republic, the first of the four principles, establishes the government will be made up of elected officials at every level. This allows every citizen to have a voice in their how their government is run. Every citizen has the right to run for office or just to vote for the person that they see most fit. Every citizen has the right to voice their opinion to their representative on what issues are important to them. The framers chose this type of government because they felt this country was too large for a democracy. A democracy would call for every citizen to come to together to vote on every topic. A republic allows one representative to go speak for a large group of people. This person is elected on his ability to please the voters is his or her region. This is what allows every to have a voice in their government.
             The next principle is federalism. This divides the power between local, state and national government. This was a crucial element to the framers after the Articles of Confederation, which gave the ultimate power to the individual states. Federalism gives the central government its own source of power. They next had to decide how to give equal representation to every citizen and every state. This is how the Senate and the House of Representatives came to be. In the Senate every state is allowed to members regardless of size or population. This gave every state equal voice. The number of representatives a state is allowed depends on their population. This gives equal representation to every citizen. At the Constitutional Convention there were to proposals. The first was the Virginia Plan, which proposed a strong national government, run by two legislative branches.

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