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Keep the River On Your Right

             Throughout the book Keep The River On Your Right there appeared to be many differences between American culture and that of the Akarama; however, when more closely examined it can be seen that what seem to be differences, actually serve the same purpose. The Akarama people live and breathe to hunt and laugh. In all of Tobias" notes he recalled the most how they laughed at all things, even the first time he stumbled across these naked smiling faces. Furthermore, when the author finally felt like a part of the tribe and they had accepted him is when they gave him is own bow and arrows and took him to hunt with them. Also, one sign of success in the tribe was to be well known hunter. Although the Akarama were known to be a cannibalistic tribe, this was not the premise of their society to hunt and only eat people, for the first seven months that Tobias was in the area he never saw one account of this. .
             When comparing these premises to American culture, laughter and food is not too far off the mark. In American culture we strive for success, we want the biggest the best and we want it before everyone else. Being successful in family life and being able to portray success to others also plays a large role. The too is very similar to the Akarama people, the hunt continuously and in return become successful. There are foreboding consequences in the fight for success. Many times in America people loose sight of their dreams and life long ambitions and solely focus on money. This too may happen in the Akarama tribe. There is one account of a young hunter who went out and was killed. His long life ahead of him was cut short because he wanted to be the biggest and the best before his time. .
             As the pages turned through the book a sense of wanting to be in that jungle in that point of time would regularly fill the room. The ability to be so uninhibited seems like a tantalizing option, but then when looked at from the Akarama peoples point of view, we a very weird and uninhibited.

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