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Was it right to kill Caesar?

            Did Brutus and his co-conspirators do the right thing in killing Caesar?.
             In the past, murder wasn't considered a felony. There were killings taking place, people would slaughter each other and not get punished. In particular during the Shakespearean times, murder was very popular. In the play Julius Caesar many questioned whether or not it was right for Brutus and his co-conspirators to kill Julius Caesar. Taking into consideration Caesar's character, his ability of being a good leader, his motives and intentions for the country, his physical ability, mental conditions, and applying those factors to the time period, I believe that they did the right thing.
             Julius Caesar was a man with many different characteristics and qualities that that made people question his ability to be a good leader. On many occasions he proved to be not worthy of becoming the leader of Rome. According to Cassius, Julius Caesar asked him to have a swim race. He stated that the first one across the river would win. It turned out that Caesar began to drown, and was begging Cassius to save him. I think that a leader should be well aware of his capabilities, unlike Caesar. Caesar always made himself seem so great and better than others. He spoke to others in a condescending and patronizing way. Caesar lacked the ability to make many friends, due to his overbearing personality. He couldn't even keep his close friends to side with him, therefore they killed him. .
             On another occasion Caesar was said to have a "fit". From the interpretations previously made it was said that he had epilepsy. Caesar had seizure attack and that could have a strong impact on the mind and the brain. How could he be trusted to make important decisions when it is not certain that he is in his right mind and is thinking clearly? This also has made many people question his ability to perform superior to other, and made people doubt him that he could be a good king.

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