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Julius Caesar's Death is Just?

            Julius Caesar is born on July 12 or 13, 100B. He is part of the first Triumvirates, which included Crassus and Pompey. Later, he becomes the governor of Gaul and Illycrium, which gives him the status he desires. Julius Caesar's assassination is not justified because his conspirators kill him out of jealousy, even after Caesar's death the fight for power still exists, and there is no signs that Caesar would make slaves of is people.
             Jealousy plays an immense role in the death of Caesar. Brutus and Cassius are one of the favorites of Julius Caesar. Cassius fears that Caesar will become the king of Rome and make slaves of the Roman people. But really Cassius is truly jealous that Caesar is worthy enough to wear a crown upon his head. Brutus and Cassius conspire with six others, who are also truly jealous, to assassinate Caesar for the good of Rome. After Brutus, Cassius and the other conspirators kill Caesar, the second Triumvirate, Mark Antony, Lepidus, and Octavius take charge in Rome. Brutus and Cassius gain nothing but only lose their lives for the assassination of Caesar.
             When war breaks loose, there is still a struggle for the power of Rome. As Mark Antony and Octavius prepare to battle Brutus and Cassius for the death of Caesar, Mark Antony tells Octavius to lead his crew upon the left side of the battlefield. Octavius tells Mark Antony "Upon the right hand, I; keep thou the left"(5.1.19). Mark Antony asks why he opposes him and Octavius says "I do not cross you, but I will do so"(5.1.21). This shows that there is some tension between the two current leaders of Rome. Mark Antony obeys Octavius because the blood of Caesar runs through the veins of Octavius, which makes his word more powerful.
             In the play, Caesar shows no sign of making slaves of the Roman people. Probably, the only person who believes that Caesar will make slaves out of the people is Brutus. The other conspirators hold envy in their hearts.

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