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Julius Caesar

             Julius Caesar is one of many plays written by Shakespeare. This play though is full of loyal friends and enemies, murderers, deaths, and many backstabbers. Some of the characters played the exact roles that they should have played, such as Antony who started out as a loyalist to Caesar and in the end he was loyal to Caesar. While others should have been doing different stuff. So I am going to tell you whom I think was meant for two certain parts. .
             Brutus out of all the conspirators is most qualified to lead the assassination of Julius Caesar. Brutus is more responsible and seems more intelligent than all of the others, which would make him a better, more reliable leader. He thinks before he acts and also makes sure he is doing it for all the right reasons. He thinks of the consequences most of the time before he acts. One thing that is true about Brutus is that people will listen to him and because he was so close to Caesar people would think it was for good reasons that they killed Caesar. With that being said that adds to my conclusion and proves that if they would have performed the assassination without Brutus they would have had a better chance of being tortured to death and not having the people of Rome hear what their reasons were. Another reason why is that he only would have advanced with the assassination if he truly believed it was right. Although one bad thing about Brutus maybe that he seems to be easily persuaded but I believe that if he didn't really believe in what he was being asked to do he wouldn't have done it at all. He also cares more of the well being for Rome than the well being of just one person, Brutus: "Our course will seem too bloody, Caius Cassius, To cut the head off and then hack the limbs, Like wrath in death and envy afterwards; For Antony is but a limb of Caesar: Let us be sacrificers, but not butchers, Caius"(Act 2,Scene1, lines 162-166).

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