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essay on richard arkwright

             Some people say that Richard Arkwright was a good man who was of great understanding they say he was also a man who rewarded his workers greatly with fine clothes and balls of wool, he kept the children and people who worked for him healthy and fit and were decently clothed and clean.
             But most say no, they say he was a wicked man and a tyrant who was quite antisocial and not interested in anything but his money and if you used his machine without paying patent for a machine that was not even his idea in the first place because he stole it from other inventor idea's for example the water wheel was not his but he patented it and not asking his permission then he would not understand instead he would punish you severely and that is how he was labeled as a tyrant by those who liked him before but now despise him. Here is a brief history of his life; Richard Arkwright was born 1732 in Lancashire, he knew a lot about the cotton industry because his father was a tailor. But he also knew that spinning was a very slow process, a process that he wished to speed up. In the 1760s he began to work on a machine of his own. By 1768 he had perfected his machine but it needed to be operated by horses moving a round in a circular movement but it could not produce high quality thread instead in was thick low quality thread he wanted to build and set up a large factory to use his new spinning machine. He also wanted to secure his machine from others by a "patent", which meant that if any other person wanted to use his machine they would have to ask his permission and pay him before using it. But to get all this he needed money and lots of it at that, so he went into partnership with two merchants in Nottingham. In 1769 they helped him buy a patent for his invention, and also helped to set up his new factory in Nottingham. His spinning frame could also be driven by a water wheel so in 1771 he built a mill at Cromford in Derbyshire.

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