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Teaching Cildren About History

            Society, in recent years, emphasized the role of schools in teaching children about history. In many societies, before public education, this was responsibility of the elders in the community. Highly respected by the society, it was the elders that shared knowledge of the past with the children. In the past 100 years schoolteachers, more and more, have replaced the role of the elders. Today's teachers not only have the responsibility of presenting history, but, in addition the must incorporate the moral and social lessons that are implied in the teaching of history. By this I mean that teachers have an implicit responsibility to make sure students grasp the moral implications of historical events. For example, when teaching about the slave trade the teacher is expected to teach in such a way as to create a story that, even though it seems obvious, teaches the students that the institution of slavery is wrong. Even so, teaching about slavery in the north is inherently different than teaching about slavery in the south. This is simply because the Civil War was a very different experience depending on where in the United States you lived. ****History has the ability to manifest its self in a variety of ways. Another way of saying this is saying that history was invented. The southerners invented the way they taught about slavery while the north did the same. So even though both north and south have the same facts to teach from but they are able to teach them in any manner they see fit. So to say that history was invented, to a point, is a true statement. The Greek gods, as we see them, were fictitious characters, inventions of the pervious generations to teach moral lesson to the next generation. To some, these gods may not be invented; instead they might be the supreme rulers of the world. On the other hand, Hitler was real, and so were the millions of Jews that lost their lives during the reign of the Nazis.

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