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Citizen Kane

            Citizen Kane wasn't a film that I would have chosen on my own to make it a movie night, but it incorporated many aspect of film that I found interesting. I found the intense use of shadows to convey a very dark image to the movie. Flashbacks were a common entity during the film, showing the transition between the past and the present. .
             The most interesting part of the film I noticed to be the constant referral to Rosebud, it locked the interest of the viewers perspective to determining the meaning behind rosebud. It wasn't fully determined to the viewers if the reporters ever found out the true meaning behind "rosebud", but the viewers were aware of the fact that he missed his parents. Rose bud resembled the sled he received from his parents. This film was produced very well; it incorporated many film aspects that made the movie more interesting than expected. .
             Some of the aspects of the film that I noticed that were brilliantly displayed are the follow: Deep focus shots, elaborate camera movements and angles, flashbacks, long takes which show distant objects, intensive use of shadows, and scarce use of revealing close ups. .
             You begin to understand the true pain behind Kane's wife leaving him through the camera shots, and movement. You can see the toll that it takes on him being along and all. The camera portrays him being very depressed and down, signifying how much his wife truly meant to him in the end after she had left. .

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