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Roman Empire vs. United States

             United States: Analyzing the governmental structure of the U.
             Historical Empires and Dynasties all had two things in common: they ruled for about a 100 years and they all fell due to primitive internal structures within the state. Hegemonic states in early history all passed along and influence and set ground work for successful nations today. Their failure became some other nation luxury, such as the U.S. The foundation of the U.S. governmental structure encompasses many different frameworks of governmental ideologies. Therefore, Our government is an experiment that has not yet given true final results. .
             The early and late Roman Empire was a powerful hegemony in it time. It conquered many other nations and influenced culture around the west of the world. The Roman Empire created political ideologies through literature and through action. Athens a hegemonic state enacted the first sign of a structural democratic governmental process. Although the elite were the ones to vote, it was a sure and encourage step to the perfect political ideology. The Romans ruled for many centuries in the west. They moved through Africa and East Europe spreading their culture uniformly. The United States of America, in their history, has taken advances to spreading the ideas of democracy to the undeveloped and developing world. Democracy has been accepted as the perfect society because it works. Many other governmental structures have failed or are failing but democracy has shown persistence in its acclaim. Is democracy the true and divine ideology or has it reign just hasn't caught it social medicine?.
             The Roman Empire was mainly a military power, meaning that its strength nationally was war power. The Roman Power used its military power and the church to suppress any uprising or rebellion within the state. .
             "The principal conquests of the Romans were achieved under.
             the republic; and the emperors, for the most part, were .

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