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             Several of the problems children are sent for ADD tests are, chronically failing to do homework, being shunned by peers, spacing out, and fidgeting. On a self-assessment test for ADD, some of the questions are, "Are you left handed?" "Are you impatient"? And, "Do you have trouble starting things"? How can doctors comprehend when someone has ADD when these are normal problems for children? Do you know a four-year old who is not impatient, Or does not follow instruction completely? .
             There are three main symptoms in individuals that have ADD. Impulsivity, Hyperactivity, and Inattention. Over-impulsive persons are not able to curb their immediate reactions, or think before they act. As a result, they may blurt put inappropriate comments or run into the street without looking. Their impulsiveness makes it hard for them to wait their turn in games also. But lead poisoning can cause the same symptoms. Hyperactive people cannot sit still. They may squirm in their seat, or drum their fingers but, might the individual be a kinesthetic learner? Individuals with inattention have a hard time focusing on one thing for a long period of time. Learning new tasks is hard for them but, can inattention just be someone with insomnia or narcolepsy, and their "Spacing out" is just trying to stay awake?.
             Other problems cause the same symptoms as ADD. These conditions are such as learning disabilities, hearing or vision loss, and tic disorders. Some over-the-counter medicines may also cause children to be jittery and unable to pay attention. These include numerous common-cold medicines. Other medicines cause sleeping problems that lead to ADD-like symptoms. Matthews notes:.
             A child who has trouble sitting still in class or who does not behave well in the classroom will often prompt a phone call home. Often, since ADD symptoms occur in more than one situation, the problem has already been noticed.

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