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pursuite of material possestio

            The American Dream: A pursuit of material possessions.
             Searching for the American dream is like the Spanish conquistadors searching for the fountain of youth. Some that is almost unattainable yet something that sound so attractive that you can't help but to become involved with. Just as the Spanish conquistadors of old thought that they would have unlimited happiness by obtaining the fountain of youth, many of American's today seek there own "fountain of youth" the pursuit of a lifestyle that will bring them happiness, the American dream.
             The American dream is a quest of material possessions. The majority of American's think that by having a big house, expensive cars, fancy clothes and luxurious will bring happiness. In all reality this is just a pursuit of material possessions and a constant strive to keep up with the Jones's. If money is the source of happiness why then do you see people like NBA stars making 10 million dollars a year overdosing on drugs and committing crimes? Why do you see successful business men or women jumping off of the top floor of the high rise where they have worked for years? These people strive to get to the top, to get more and more money in a pursuit of happiness, the only problem is when they get to the top they find out that there is no happiness at the top either. In there strive to get to the top they often leave broken homes, broken friendships and broken trust. They begin to realize that money isn't happiness and they turn to drugs or suicide. .
             Many people however don't" achieve this level of financial security and live the more in the mainstream life of society, of trying to live the so called American Dream. These people live in nice houses, perhaps a couple of nice cars parked in the driveway and live in the comfort of luxurious such as TV's, Computers, cell phones and other consumer "toys". However this is just what you see on the outside.

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