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Separate Peace meaning

            The title, A Separate Peace, means that the school is the peace away from the war that is going on. One proof of this is when Finny talks about the drafting age. Also, Gene explains that there had been many changes at school. Lastly, an old teacher that went to war came back. A Separate Peace is filled with examples about the meaning of the title.
             A proof of this is when Finny is discussing Leper Lepellier having turned 17 and the drafting age. ".he will be draftable before the end of this academic year. it's all a question of birthdays."(17) This shows that the school is a kind of safe haven until you are old enough to be drafted. Finny and Gene realize that this is their last chance to be kids before they could goto war. .
             Another proof is when Gene explains how the teachers let the 16 year olds get away with more things. ".they appeared to uncoil, they seemed to believe that we were with them."(16) This explains that not only did Finny realize it was their last chance at childhood but the teachers had also realized this and pitied them that they could goto war in a few short years and possibly die. The teachers were mainly responsible for creating this peace away from the war around the school for the children.
             The third proof is at church Gene sees Mr. Pike, an old teacher, and describes how the war had changed him. "His face was as mild and hopeless as ever. it gave him the air of an imposter."(65) This shows that the war had greatly changed Mr. Pike forever and the dangers Gene and Finny, as well as other students, will face if drafted. This hits Gene and the reader hard on what the title really means because it shows that once they leave this peace at school it is a matter of surviving in the war.
             In conclusion, A Separate Peace signifies the school being a safe haven providing a peace away from the war to the students. Three proofs of this are when Finny explains in one more year their friend will be draftable, when Gene notices that teachers had changed that year, and when Mr.

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