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             Many good books and movies are often similar when a message or point is trying to get across. The same theme is usually used in books and movies, but have different plots and ideas. The novel A Separate Peace, by John Steinbeck, writes about the importance of having ones own identity and the struggle to find it. The movie "Dead Poets Society" also emphasizes about the importance of having an identity. There are many similarities between the novel A Separate Peace and the movie "Dead Poets Society." .
             The novel A Separate Peace and the movie "Dead Poets Society" have much in common with one another. The characters in both the movie and the novel are very similar to one another. From the "Dead Poets Society," some characters act and have the same personality as Finny does. Mr. Keaton does not like to teach or do things like regular teachers, but teaches his own way and does spontaneous stuff just much like Finny. When Mr. Keaton tells his class to rip pages from their books and to stand on the desk to see differently, are some examples of his own teaching methods. In A Separate Peace, Finny does not like to follow the rules, but make his own to live by, just as Mr. Keaton does with his teaching methods. Charlie also portrays traits that are similar to Finny. Charlie does many spontaneous and radical things that are similar to what Finny does. Finny he wear the pink shirt and a tie for a belt to go to a party, while Charlie he paints a big lightning bolt on his chest and changes his name. Finally Neil from "Dead Poets Society," starts the club for the Dead Poets Society, and pressures his friend into going to meetings when they don't want to. Neil actions are similar to Finnys because Finny is the one who starts the Super Secret Suicide Club, and is the one who pressures his friend Gene to go to meetings when he does not want to. The rebellious and independent characters are a big similarity between the movie and the novel.

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