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Marketing Analysis

             Since the Brands Simulation Game is so detailed, one could not expect to.
             know everything in the first quarter. Therefore, our team decided to.
             familiarize ourselves with the game in the first decision. Each of us did some.
             reading on the basic concepts of the game and came to, at least we thought, a.
             well thought out plan. The first step in our plan was to increase sales.
             production 18 more units since the products were selling at a cheaper rate.
             than others. We also knew that sales forecasts are probably going to be the.
             most frequently changed BRANDS decision variables. We also noticed that.
             the price of raw materials was at a cheaper price as well, therefore we.
             decided to purchase syntech, plumbo, and glomp. Advertising and promotion.
             were another big category we felt needed some adjustments. Since the.
             product is first being introduced to the market we felt it necessary to increase.
             spending on advertisement and promotion. On the other hand we lowered the.
             promotional and advertising expenditures in region two due to the existing.
             popularity of the product throughout the market. Product awareness is the.
             factor that helped us make our next decision. Product one was already.
             known in region two therefore we decided to have it marketed in only one.
             region with product two being marketed in both regions one and two. Our.
             basis behind marketing product two in two regions was to see which market.
             is more effective for that product. Because we placed product two in two.
             regions we decided to increase the sales force allocation for product two. An.
             increase in the sales force allows us to disperse the sales force in each region.
             evenly in order to get a better idea on our product future. Region 3 was.
             totally eliminated because it was losing money in that region. Decision two.
             was the time to gain knowledge on our competitors by attaining reports and.
             media content on prospering competitors.

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