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no competition

             American muscle cars and rice burners are very different from each other, .
             but at the same time they have many similarities. Muscle cars are superior in .
             many ways, and rice burners are inferior in almost all ways. Muscle cars are .
             almost all american, while most rice burners are japanese. The most disputed .
             arguement between rice burner drivers and muscle car drivers is who is faster. In .
             reality most muscle cars are faster, unless thousands of dollars are spent on a rice .
             burner for performance modifications. .
             The group of most muscle cars consist of older hot rods from the 60's and .
             70's, Camaros, Mustangs, and Trans Ams. These cars mostly have V8 engines .
             built for speed. While on the other hand, the rice burners which consist of mostly .
             japanese imports and some domestic cars are powered mostly by four cylinder .
             and six cylinder engines. Then stock eight cylinder engines out muscle the other .
             stock four and six cylinder engines without even trying. Although, when modified .
             enough, a four or six cylinder engine can be faster than an eight cylinder engine. .
             It does take a few hands fulls of money to make that happen though. .
             I consider a rice burner to be a car that has a non-functional spoiler, .
             exhaust that sounds like a bumble bee, and a bunch of stickers all over it. A .
             muscle car is a car that has a big engine, a big engine that makes the car fast. I .
             drive a muscle car myself, a 1990 Trans Am, and I have yet to come across a rice .
             burner that can beat me in a race. There are some out there that can beat me, but I .
             have not encountered one yet. .
             There are countless similarities between these cars. In the case of both .
             cars, some are for race and some for daily driving. They are all gasoline driven. .
             Nearly all of the cars have front engines. All muscle cars and rice burners are all .
             made up on the same guidelines for comfort, dependability, and performance. .
             There are also numerous differences. Almost all of the muscle cars are .

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