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1940 fashion

            rst of all, 1940's clothing really sucked, like the men woukd wear these pokeadot suits all day.
             first of all fashion in the 1940 had to do a lot with the war, On September 3, 1939, England and France declared war on Germany for invading Poland, and refusing to withdraw troops. On September 3, 1940, the United States transferred destroyers to Great Britain. The United States officially entered World War II on December 8, 1941. .
             On March 8, 1942, the US Government War Production Board issued regulation L - 85, which regulated every aspect of clothing and restricted the use of natural fibers. In particular, wool supplies for civilian use were cut from 204,000 to 136,000 tons in order to meet military requirements. All countries turned to the production of artificial fibers. Viscose and rayon (derived from wood pulp) were the most common. Unfortunately, they weren't a good substitute because they weren't very warm and had a tendency to shrink. .
             Stanley Marcustook the stand that it was the designer's patriotic duty to design fashions which would remain stylish through multiple seasons and use a minimum of fabric. Therefore, men's suits were made minus vests and pocket flaps and trousers lost their multiple pleats (: a fold in cloth made by doubling material over on itself) and cuffs. McCall's produced patterns for transforming men's suits into ladies suits, since the men were at war and not wearing the garments. .
             There was one exception to the strict ruling of the early forties - the zoot suit, which is a really baggy, high color suit for men. The fashion was born during the early thirties in Harlem's nightclubs. It was an exaggerated look comprised of an oversized jacket, wide lapels and shoulders, with baggy low-crotched trousers that narrowed dramatically at the ankle. The zoot influence remained through the 1940s and men's coats were noticeably roomier as a result of it. Higher-waisted trousers were also due to the influence of the zoot suit.

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