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Executive Branch

             50 These chapters basically talk about removing the mask. The mask is a false creation which we thought to be our true self. They also mention a story about Shanti Devi. Shanti Devi was a little girl who at three years of age began speaking about her husband and children of her past life. The entire book focuses on karma and reincarnation and ways to improve your spiritual life.
             100 .
             The Violet Flame is a frequency that is linked with higher spiritual energy. The purpose of the flame is to transmute negative energy into positive energy. It helps you raise frequency, accelerate spiritual growth, raise your conscious awareness, and help with emotional disorders. These pages also talk about human pride, people who love to talk about themselves. Everything they do is motivated around the ego--practically nothing around God.
             150 .
             These pages compare cancer to a spiritual cancer. Cancer cells are rebel cells that turn against healthy cells and devour them in order to take of their substance but not give. You can make a comparison of this with the typical selfish person, they'll take and take but not give. I also read about people who are chronically judgmental of others and how their chronically insecure. These pages basically give tips on how to be a better person and watch out.
             200 .
             In these pages they explain momentum as anything you may develop a pattern of habit on. For example, if someone decides their going to be thin and they diet excessively, what will happen is that they will develop a momentum of habit (a habit pattern), which will produce in them an eventual thinness. The habit of pattern that they develop that produces those qualities is what their talking about: that's momentum. Later in the book they talk about people who've done miracles, and how they too had a momentum.
             250 .
             These pages mention the myth of the evil eye and how people in Cairo definitely believe in it.

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