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Definition of SUV

            In the world of busy streets with loud horns and street lights in every corner, people seem more anxious to get to their destination than you do. The automakers today are working vigorously trying to sell their new lineups of inventive machines everyday. All types of vehicles have differences in its usage and its purpose to each individual. One of the most sought-after automobiles towards both the critics and consumers is a S.U.V. (Sports Utility Vehicle). SUVs are rugged automotive vehicles, similar to a station wagon but built on a light-truck chassis with 4WD capability (Webster.com). A four wheel drive system allows all four wheels to interlock together to produce more power to the wheels. In building a quality S.U.V., it must consist of many features and functionalities which include safety, performance, and other accessories. .
             Safety is a primary concern on the minds of most individuals when they select SUVs over other automobiles. So what are some of safety advantages of driving a S.U.V.? Since its chassis has higher ground clearance, in the chance of head-on collision, there is less chance of damage to the vehicle. Also, the driver and passengers are less prone to serious injury in SUVs, because its rugged, steel body is stronger and weighs more than a compact car. Children are protected against head-on collision because of the higher stance. Furthermore, in the most recent research in consumer surveys, owners gave one of the highest ratings to SUVs for their reliability. Although, SUVs aren't as fast as sports cars, their safety outperforms all other vehicles within its class. .
             Contrary to many consumers" opinions on the safety of a S.U.V., it has also been proven to have its downfalls as well. Because of its higher ground clearance, it has a .
             tendency to roll over at sharp corners when traveling at high speeds. "Roll over vehicle crashes among SUVs account for 48% of vehicle occupant deaths compared with about 20% for cars" (About.

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