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Advertisting The Toyota Matrix

             Back in the late 1980's and early 1990's, Toyota offered a vehicle somewhat similar to the Matrix, the Corolla Wagon. Those who remember the Corolla Wagon have perceived the Matrix as its second coming. This "Corolla Wagon- image is what Toyota would like to shed from the Matrix. Tagged as a 2003 model, but entering the market in the spring of 2002, Toyota designed the compact Matrix to have the style and performance of a sports car, along with the functionality of a Sports Utility Vehicle. Toyota currently manufactures the Matrix at two separate locations: Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada (TMMC) and Toyota Motor Manufacturing West Virginia (TMMWV). The basic idea for the Matrix is aimed toward young people, according to Craig Kember, designer of the Matrix. Kember goes on to say: "The direction I took the car was to take the idea of import racers with big wheels/lowered cars that are very fender and wheel oriented and inject that sort of personal sports image with the usability of the package (four doors and a hatchback)."" Kember also mentions that even while designing the Matrix, precautions were taken to make sure that the body style would not get too close to that of a station wagon. A station wagon type body is what Kember says " we were deathly afraid to get too close to-. In terms of styling, the side window line is very "raked- (as termed by Kember) to give the Matrix a more sports car feeling, with the top of the window line "pinching- as it descends to the rear of the car. This particular feature makes the Matrix appear as more of a coupe than a wagon. Matrix also has a body sculpture, "which is very fender oriented with both large body lines wrapping themselves around the power of the wheels in order to give it a unique look for a small car."" Kember proudly states. Although, "small car- may not be the appropriate label for the Matrix. Part SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle), part sedan, part sports coupe, the Matrix is an exotic blend of the three, birthing the new auto genre of the CUV (cross-over utility vehicle).

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