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Slavery and Freedom in the Atlantic World

            Slavery and Freedom in the Atlantic World: Reflections on the Diasporan Framework by Thomas C.
             Holt, contends that to completely understand the history of Africans in the Americas, it is imperative to take a global approach not only to comprehend the overall black experience but also to realize its significance in shaping the history of the modern world. .
             The concept of a black diaspora experience cannot be captured in a single interpretation. Consequently, Mr. Holt builds upon, augments, and rethinks the works of Frank Tannenbaum and Stanley Elkins, key intellectuals of the African diaspora who greatly influenced much of the thought processes concerning the black experience. In doing so, Mr. Holt reexamines the problems established by these studies of slavery and emancipation and puts forth alternative ideas of a comparative assessment on the black experience, drawing partially on the traditional works of scholars like W.E.B Du Bois, C.L.R. James, and Eric Williams. Holt emphasizes the notion of diaspora as dynamic and ever changing. Along with difference and separation, his argument is that the black diaspora allows us to see the world as interconnected. Although, we must be acutely aware of the bonds to other cultures within these connections to fully comprehend it's meaning.
             As stated in the reading, the author desires to determine a collective starting point for the study of the black diaspora by expanding upon, enhancing, and helping with a consistent and unifying framework in which to approach the complexities and degrees of comparison. Without dismissing the diaspora concept, Mr. Holt challenges its interpretation in order to solidify the academic processes needed to methodically investigate and discover the underlying unambiguous messages of history yearning to communicate to all concerning the black experience in the Americas and the world. .
             It's important to note the significance of African culture to America and the rest of the world.

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