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Bringing of Slavery

             The European navigations of the fifteenth century in the Atlantic pioneered a new and virtually unprecedented chapter in human history. Not only did the European sailors provide direct ocean routes to areas that had been in contact with Europe through more expensive and difficult overland routes such as West Africa and East Asia, but also the ships reached areas that had had no preceding sustained and reciprocal contact with the outside world. However, it was not just Americans who came into outside contact, the entire region of west central Africa did as well. Thus, in addition to easing and intensifying relations between various parts of the Old World, the European navigations opened up connections between two new world; the American continent and the western part of central Africa , and apparently led the bringing of indigenous Africans to America as slaves. A combination of internal disputes in and inter-tribal rivalry among African ethnic groups, unsuitable demographic and physical attributes of Native Americans to labor, and economic infrastructure to be set up in the virgin lands facilitated slave trade, also conveyed African slaves to the heart of the new Atlantic World.
             Firstly, one of the main causes of conveying slaves to the new world is the dispute between opposing and competing groups of native Africans. Ab initio, "Africans were not under any direct commercial or economic pressure to deal in slaves. Furthermore, it is observed that not only Africans accepted the institution of slavery in their own societies, but the special place of slaves as private productive property made slavery widespread. Europeans were at least just tapping existing slave markets at the beginning. Although Europeans did not invade the continent and capture the slaves themselves, they did nevertheless promote the slave trade through indirect military pressure created by -again- the European control of important military technology, for instance horses and guns.

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