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Healthier and Longer Life

            Today many people face not understanding things to do/ to avoid having a healthier and longer life, many can begin with eating right, exercising, seeing a doctor more often, avoiding smoking cigarettes/ marijuana, and avoiding drinking alcohol. .
             One of the many ways a person can live a longer and healthier life is by eating right. If a person learns to eat right, they will get the right amount of nutrient to balance a healthy diet. Eating right can also help avoid reaching serious health issues with anerixa, bullima, and obesity. .
             In the same way, exercising can lead to a healthier and longer life. A daily exercising routine at the gym can help obtain a healthy weight. When exercising you"ll find yourself being more active and physically able to do more things. Also as a result of exercising you can build stronger muscles that will lead to results of a healthier looking body.
             In addition to living a healthier and longer life, seeing your doctor more often can help in many ways. For instance, you"ll avoid getting sick more often. Seeing your doctor frequently you"ll be more aware of your physical and inner needs and you"ll have the advantage to attend these needs before symptoms get worse. Doctors can also be a big help in finding ways to attend more serious illnesses to stay healthier longer. .
             At the same as finding ways to stay healthy, many people need to be aware of avoiding things like smoking cigarettes/ marijuana. Smoking cigarettes can damage your lungs causing a serious problem on the inside of your body. Cigarettes can also cause a serious disease like cancer that's in the long run can lead to death. Besides cigarettes, marijuana can also cause problems killing brain cells that can lead to decreasing memory, and brain size it self. Similar, cigarettes and marijuana can both cause bad breathing habits, that won't allow you to be as active in daily activities physically and mentally.

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