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The Fit and Healthy Lifestyle

            The world we live in is changing each and every day. Unfortunately, in some cases, it is only changing for the worse. A long time ago there were not many obese people. This is because people ate foods that did not contain chemicals, preservatives, or artificial colors or flavors. Not to mention, most everyone made their own meals because eating out was essentially a huge treat that did not happen very often. It seems as if every day I see more fast food restaurants opening or I see a new episode on TV of "My 500 lb Life". In addition, less and less people are enjoying the outdoors, which ultimately leads to depression, which then potentially leads to gaining weight. By following some simple steps that I have experienced throughout my journey of trying to live a healthier and more fit lifestyle, there is hope to those who would like to change. .
             I am very fortunate with the body I am blessed with. I have always been a small girl, roughly 115 lbs and 5'2 in height. However, being naturally small is not the same thing as being fit or automatically being born with a healthy body. So, that is why I started this transition in my life a little over a year ago. To overall better me and to feel happier in my own skin. From a young age, I have always believed that determination is the key to success. Without motivation and determination the results that one is trying to endure will be ineffective. However, with a little ambition and persistence to change and have a better lifestyle, the process is not as hard has most people would think. In fact, it is quite easy. Starting out my journey, I strongly believed that in order to lose weight and become healthier all that was needed was to workout. However, although that it is indeed a vital part, it is not the biggest. So instead, I start out by eating healthy. Healthy eating does not mean following a harsh diet or giving up the sweets we all love. It is just a matter of balancing out foods for the right nutrients our bodies need.

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