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             How many times do you eat out in a week? Well, I myself go and eat at restaurant at least once a week. In this busy world we live in, we hurt one of the basic yet most important things in life, our health. These days we rarely have time to eat a complete and balanced meal. With our busy lifestyles, eating out has become a very convenient but unhealthy and undomesticated way to eat. .
             These lifestyles and eating habits of eating out has plenty of advantages, since it is very convenient. You dont have to do cooking and cleaning ups by yourself; in addition, time of going shopping for the meal can be omitted. However, on the other hand due to its unbalanced nourishment, restaurant food can often lead to serious health problems later in life. We often grab a bite to eat before, during, after work or while you are hanging around with your friends without any concern about your health and its nourishment. However, restaurant foods like hamburgers, french fries, pizza and soft drinks are usually high in fat, salt and sugar. Thus they often cause health problems later on, such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or heart disease.
             Moreover, eating out has a negative influence on traditional family style. It prevents families from spending time together eating the traditional foods. Although eating a leisurely meal at home is healthy and economically gentle, it is becoming less common, since people try to fit more into their busy lives and seek to have more fast and easy style. The number of people who dislike the trouble of the cooking and cleaning ups has increased.
             I believe both eating at home and eating out have advantages and disadvantages. Today, many people just settle the meal with the convenient but unhealthy food instead of eating healthy home-cooked food. However, eating too much restaurant food consequently ruins peoples health and the time with their family. I believe that we should be careful more about nourishment of the food in order to keep ourselves healthy, and value the time with family and the traditional family food.

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