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Functions of a Healthy Lifestyle

            Today I will be talking about health and fitness. According to the center of disease control and prevention, CDC. 90,500,000 people in United States will be obese in 2017- 2018. That is 90.5 million of family, friends, and coworkers that come to heart diseases and wide variety of people will be getting diabetes. You know why I care so much. As a member of national guard, I have an obligation to stay fit and healthy. Not because I have a physical test to pass. Because I have to be faster and stronger to against my enemy. Unfortunately, staying fit and healthy in the winter also impossible to people. We forget to incorporate proper diets, exercise, and enough sleep into the busy schedule.
             We are so consumed with works and captivated with the taste of fast food like burgers and French fries or food that contains high level of fats. With that's being said, let's me first discuss how to incorporate proper diets and live a healthy lifestyle. In 2005, the department of the U.S. Agriculture had published a new food pyramid with recommend each day people should eat 6 oz of grain, 2.5 cups of vegetables, 2 cups of fruits, 3 cups of milk, 5.5 oz of beans or meats, and with a small amount of fats. It also show a stick figure climbing a staircase to symbolize that people should exercise daily. Sadly, people are too busy to follow to the dietary guideline. Our exception with fast foods are overwhelming and taking over our society. Even school lunches serving unhealthy food now a day. The truth is we can a little things to eliminate this. We can start by getting rid of candy stuff, putting little or no sauces on the our food, choosing fat free sauces for salads and cooking meals on the weekend could last for a week. Not only you eat right, you would be able end up saving money. When you saved money you can use your money for other purposes. Such as signing up for a fitness club. This is lead to my next point, which is exercise.

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