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different sisters

             Often two children are brought up in the same environment and turn out completely.
             In this case of Maggie and Dee, the two sisters in Alice Walker's "Everyday Use," they.
             were raised by the same woman, in the same house. Their similarities end here. Maggie and Dee.
             are different in their personalities and their ideas about the family's historical artifacts. .
             Maggie and Dee are different in their personalities. When Maggie is first brought up in the.
             story, she is nervous when Dee came home to visit from college. When Dee arrived, It made.
             Maggie so uncomfortable that she ran back into the house. Maggie is intimidated by Dee, this is.
             shown when Maggie is unable to confront Dee about the quilts. Maggie just gives in and lets Dee.
             have the quilts because she has never been the winner. Dee never was afraid to express herself even.
             when she was young. Her mother remembered that when "she would always look anyone in the eye.
             Hesitation was no part of her nature." .
             The family's historical artifacts are important to both Maggie and Dee, but for different.
             reasons. Maggie values the family quilts for their meaning and usefulness. Her grandmother and.
             aunt showed her how to quilt and the quilts they made were a reminder. Maggie's mother was.
             saving the quilts for her wedding day. To Maggie, the quilts are to be used and appreciated.
             everyday. .
             Dee sees the quilts as priceless objects to put on display. While in college, Dee thought she.
             found her heritage. She returned home wearing ethnic clothing and changed her name to "Wangero.".
             Wangero told her mother and her sister, that changing her name is the way to keep herself from "the.
             people who oppress her.".
             Way before Wangero went off to college, the quilts were not good enough for her. Now she.
             wants the quilts and to place them inside her home for a remembrance of her heritage. Wangero.
             believes that she can appreciate the quilts more than Maggie. Dee wanted the quilts for a more.

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