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Jeffeson and Hamilton

             The conflict that took place in the 1790's between two impacting founding .
             Fathers, Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton shaped the nation we know today. .
             Noble E. Cunningham's Jefferson vs. Hamilton: Confrontations that shaped a Nation, is an excellent study of the conflicts between these two great men. You are able to see how fundamental differences played themselves out in their formal and informal interactions. They served together in Washington's cabinet; Hamilton serving as Secretary of Treasury and Jefferson as Secretary of State, but that seemed their only similarity. .
             Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton were not merely on different issues that shaped the nation, but they were at the head of those differences. Jefferson distrusted the federal government, which he saw invading individual liberty, while Hamilton distrusted the people; Jefferson saw American as agrarian, while Hamilton saw it as industrious, and while Jefferson fought for strict interpretation of the constitution, Hamilton favored loose implied powers. It only seemed a mater of time before these converging, congregating and colliding opinions would show themselves prominent in American society. .
             Introduction .
             Cunningham's book starts out with the different ways and circumstances Hamilton and Jefferson were raised. Jefferson's "economic future was secure" (Cunningham, 2000, p. 3) and was assured the best educational opportunities while Hamilton's experiences seemed stunningly different. Hamilton's life was full of "hardships and insecurities while lacking educational opportunities" as well (Cunningham, 2000, p. 4). Next the book talked about the beginning of Hamilton and Jefferson's differences. Hamilton sought a strong central government acting in the interests of commerce and industry. He brought to public life a love of efficiency, order and organization. Jefferson spoke of rural interests; the debate between the two turned into be a debate between the power of control government verses the power of that of the states.

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