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could it be elvis

            When you first look at Nineteen Fifty-Five, it is quite evident that there is something lying underneath the actual story. It is quite obvious that the character of Traynor is Elvis when Walker says Traynor had a "nasty little jerk . from the waist down (2)". In the beginning it seems as if Walker does not want you to like Traynor because the reader knows what is going on, that they are buying this song for him to use, really giving Gracie Mae nothing more than a small check. From the description of her neighborhood we know that she would of course take this check without asking any questions, and it makes one seem Traynor is not doing the right thing. However, the fact that along the line takes care of Gracie Mae and actually becomes pretty good friends with her, or so it seems, shows that Walker really wasn't trying to make the reader not like him, or if they didn't, she has given him a sense of redemption.
             When Traynor decides to try and find out what this song actually means, he complains, "I've sung it and sung it, and I'm making forty thousand dollars a day offa it, and you know what, I don't have the faintest notion what that song means (6)". This adds a sense of elusiveness to the story because the reader really doesn't know they are referring to the song Hound Dog. Walker never directly identifies the song Gracie Mae provided Traynor as "Hound Dog", and its title is represented by a series of dashes in the story. For reasons unknown to the reader, Walker does not allude to a title in the story. Therefore, the song that puzzles Traynor is pure fiction.
             Another thing that should jump out at the reader about this whole situation is that in Walker's story, America loves the song and it is a famous song. Therefore, they like something that even the singer doesn't know what it means, so there is a craze over something artificial. Walker is criticizing America because they can embrace something so fake, so not true to its roots.

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