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The Two Dilemmas of Government

             Every government is faced with difficult choices that result in unsatisfactory alternatives for either side of the argument. The two major dilemmas of government are between order and freedom and between freedom and equality. In the first case, the government must decide whether it is better to allow individuals to have complete freedom or to enforce strict law and order. In the second case, the government must decide whether it is better to allow businesses and private clubs to freely choose their customers and members or to force them to serve everyone equally. All of the alternatives result in a bad outcome for one group or another. A good government continually has to make difficult choices in order to keep its people in a happy medium.
             Freedom is one of the main concepts that the government must pursue for its people. There are two different types of freedom, freedom of and freedom from. Freedom of is known as liberty and gives a person the right to do something without constraint. Freedom from is known as equality and provides a person with immunity from some type of deprivation. Freedom guarantees individuals certain rights and protects them from fear and want. Freedom is extremely important because it gives individuals certain liberties they require while placing limits on the power of government at the same time.
             The government is also under an obligation to maintain order for its people. Maintaining order is the oldest purpose of government and is also extremely important. In maintaining order the government must preserve life, protect property, and maintain social order. The government is not only obligated to pass and enforce laws to maintain order but it is also obligated to maintain the traditional patterns of social relationships. The most common ways for a government to maintain order are through government legislation, interpretation of the law, and enforcement of the law.

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