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            The Quaran states that Mohammad invites anyone who wants to join the faith of Allah. Today, people wonder much about the religion of Islam. It it because it is found mostly in parts of the world which are so far away and distinct to ours? Or is it because they have encountered enemies because the power they have had? When Islam took over after the death of Mohammad in 623, the beliefs spread quickly among the people in the Mediterranean. It spread into Europe, Asia, and Africa in less than two centuries. The fact that everyone came together into the same beliefs, allowed for a tight culture to flourish that had different backgrounds and customs, which made Islam so dominant in the Mediterranean. .
             What made so many people convert to Islam so quickly? Well, it happens that Islam contained unique and simple monotheistic beliefs. No one was forced to convert, meaning that everyone could follow these sets of beliefs if they wanted. Unlike several religions of the same time period, which had strict laws for the countries to follow, such as Spain with Catholism. Islam set a new perspective in beliefs. The God Allah was the one god that was kind and watched out for his people, and in order to become a Muslim there were the Five Pillars which people had to follow. These five pillars included praying five times a day, making a journey to Mecca sometime in life, and believing in Allah. These Five Pillars, which allowed more people abide by the same beliefs, made possible for muslims to come together into a tighter society. .
             The tight society Islam was creating by setting beliefs and chores, allowed them to grow and expand. The spread of Islam in the two centuries after the Prophet's death was grand along the Mediterranean and dominated the Area. Muslims took over three continents in this short amount of time, which is incredible for a religious movement. This made different types of people to come together, as well as different ideas to come up with new ones.

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