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The Kiss

             Some guys can be naturally very good at picking up girls. They walk, talk, and act with a certain degree of confidence. I was not as fortunate and the title "Ladies Man" had never been associated with my name. But, this was about to change. Today was the day when I decided to hold my head up high and set off on a conquest. This conquest included not only picking out the girl who would be mine but kissing her on that very day. .
             Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. I slapped my hand down on my alarm clock and rose much faster then any day prior. I quickly wiped the sleep from my eyes and rushed to the shower. After getting ready for school in record time I proceeded towards the door. My mother stopped me. She was in awe at how anxious I was to arrive at school. I turned to face her, smiled awkwardly, and gave her the anser she wanted to hear. "Mom, It is a great day to learn!" I then turned back towards the door and quickly walked out.
             By the time I finished walking to school I was out of breathe. I have never been so tired from walking to school in my entire life. But, fatigue was not going to stop me. Nothing could hold me back from achieving my goal. When I arrived at the front door of my middle school I stopped, took a few deep breathes, and put my "game face" on. After opening the door I began to strut down the hallways checking my reflection in every window in my path. During this time I also scopped out all the girls in my sixth grade class. I had a new demeanor and I can feel the vibe I was releasing into the air. .
             When my first period class convened I immediately began to narrow down my options. Now, I may not be the most eligible bachelor but I am definitely not stupid. So, immediately I was able to realize the girls who were way out of my league. I also omitted all the girls who I did not find attractive. This was because I was not about to settle. I was now left with little options considering how picky I can be.

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