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Gun control

             What role have guns played in our nation? (Revolution, civil war, modern) Guns have played a huge role in American society all throughout history. From the beginning of time man has often tried to protect himself in one way or another. Over time we discovered that the easiest way to kill is buy using a gun. Historians say that the American Victory over Britain in the revolutionary war was somewhat of an easy circumstance, because of the large usage of guns. Today 15,000 people are killed due to handguns. This means that guns are tools that are often used to solve problems in the American Society. When criminals have been asked why they own a gun they say that "it's just a way of life" and "it's very easy to get a gun," also, when asked how easy it was to get a gun they said "You could be permitted to leave jail and within 30 minutes you will be able to have access to a gun." Guns are a not a big deal in our society today. In some places you would be a fool not to own a gun. .
             2.Is the American culture violent? Yes, very much so. When some teenagers can enable themselves to commit a horrendous crime by killing several of their peers and teachers at their school you know America has become a very violent society. .
             By the time children reach eighth grade they will have experienced 8,000 deaths. That is ridiculous. Kids should not have to be exposed to such a violent society. No-one should have to be exposed to such a violent society. How can we resolve the issue of violence in America? Does our society have to be violent in order to feel like a strong America? We call ourselves the United States. Are we united or are we constantly fighting a war against each other? Yes, we are. America has and always will be a violent place.
             3.Does our culture promote gun use to kids? Somewhat. I feel that the violent video games where you have to kill in order to win sends children mixed messages. It makes them feel like it is ok to kill because you will win at the end.

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