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Capital Punishment

            Capital punishment is the highest form of punishment for committing a crime. When you receive capital punishment that means you will be killed by ingestion of toxins or the famous electric chair. Capital punishment should be legalized in Canada. It lowers tax rates, Canadians don't need to keep building more jails for more convicts, and it gives victims" families a sense of closure. One quote from the bible goes: Leviticus 24:17 "And he that killeth any man shall surely be put to death." Capital punishment goes back as far as life itself. It was once the only form of punishment in any civilization, seeing as it was easy, fast, and efficient. .
             Capital punishment lowers tax rates for adults already trying to pay their many, relentless bills. Adults do not need to keep paying for convicted killers and serial murderers to keep living their sad, pitiful lives. Convicted murderers should not be living after taking someone else's life. Less fortunate people that have nowhere to live or no food what do you think would be stopping them from killing an innocent person and in turn going to jail? Or perhaps as they see it, getting free food, shelter, and clothing. This is a much better alternative than sitting out in the cold starving to death. Obviously people are also thinking this due to these statistics: In 1962 Ottawa abolished executions, temporarily. In 10 years the number of homicides in Canada rose from 150 per year to 650 per year. In 1975 there were 701 homicides in Canada. Ottawa made the death penalty illegal in 1976 with Bill C-84; the homicides have remained at about 650 per year. This is a high amount of deaths and it was affected greatly by Bill C-84. .

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