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Equal sexual relationships

             And the sexual energy of a woman is an important and sacred part of us. When we understand the true power our sexuality gives us, we can then give it the confidence it deserves. The power of sexuality can best be understood in terms of energy. Sexual energy is the drive for pleasuse, Intamacy reproduction. Having an equal sexual relatioship with a partner means understanding the mechanics of a sexual relatioship, and asking for what you want. .
             Equal sexual relationships require balance in 3 catagories: Chemistry, compatability, and cooperation. .
             Chemistry is the one bit of magic in sex. It is being explicably turned on by someone. There is no explanation for this. It could be the way they smell, their hot bod, their financial status, and personality. All of theses add up to create chemistry. Chemistry alone can not make for a good sexual relationship. The sex may be good, but women who trick themselves into believing that this is all it takes wonder why it's over in 2 weeks. Chemistry has its good points and its bad points. Even if the majority of a relatioship is bad, when such a chemistry exists the bond wont break. .
             Chemistry can be lost to. It can die out like Alka-seltzer that somebody forgot to drink! When a relationship becomes unhappy or overwhelining unequal as to cooperation and compatabliity, the magic may just fade away.
             The belief that "opposits attract" is often a justification for many sexist relationships. Compatability is a nessicary componet to an equal sexual relationship. "The tradition opposits, for example, are her feelings vs. his mind, his money vs. her sexiness, her beauty vs. his brilliance, his dominance vs. her compliance. In such a way, the two halves of a whole model is perpetuated." This assumes that each person in the couple is "incomplete" without the other. In my oppinion, compatability and equality go hand in hand. People who are compatable feel equal in power to eachother.

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