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             Many people have heard of Greek Mythology, but have many people read it? In one of the famous epic poems, The Odyssey by Homer, a young boy Telemakhos leaves his mother to go out and find his father. Telemakhos shows many adjectives which can describe him but there are a few that stand out. Telemakhos is a scared boy but starts to become a brave and loving young man.
             Telemakhos starts out the story as a scared boy but becomes a man throughout the story. Telemakhos shows that he is scared in the very beginning of the book when the suitors are eating all of his father's food and he does nothing about this. This quickly changes when Athena appears to him as a family friend called Mentes. Athena tells him to take action and have the suitors kicked out and go on a journey to find news of your father. This shows him being scared about taking charge because he says when talking to Athena that he wishes that there was something he can do to make them leave and stop eating all of his family's food. Another time when he was scared was his stop at Pylos. He was so scared of meeting Nestor that he said ""Mentor, how can I do it, how approach him?"" (Pg. 36) This shows how Telemakhos was still acting like a child being scared of someone because he did not know how to speak to someone of his prestige.
             Telemakhos may have been scared in the beginning of his journey but become's brave. Telemakhos is brave because he finally stands up against the suitors, and he goes on a journey to find a father that he never even meet and he knows that his father could have been killed on the sea and now he goes out traveling on the sea. He stands up against the suitors after so long they pillaged their family of food, gold, but most importantly pride. After he has meets Athena and Athena gives him the courage to stand up against the suitors. The next day Telemakhos calls an assembly in the commons of the town and asks for help from the other townspeople to kick the suitors out until he returns from his journey looking for his father.

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