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             Throughout this journey we call life man often struggles to surpass the transformation from childhood to adulthood. There are several different aspects that can determine the way in which one tries to take on this transformation. When one has moral support from a parent during this trying time of change things will seem to unfold more easily; however, when the parent is over attached it can and will be a trying time for both the child as well as the parent. In The Odyssey, Telemakhos's transformation from childhood to manhood, and his mother Penelope's hesitant acceptance of it, can be seen through the use of different tones and emotions.
             Man's conversion from child to an adult can cause one to grow independent. Telemakhos clearly makes the transition from boy into man during the first books of The Odyssey. This development into a man is not so much of the body as it is of the mind. Telemakhos must mature in order to deal with the turbulence surrounding his household. In the beginning of The Odyssey Telemakhos is unhappy, and uninspired to do anything about his unfortunate surroundings until Athena arrives. Athena is, in many ways, Telemakhos" guide during his transformation. There is a vast difference between the Telemakhos of book one and the Telemakhos of book four in the way he speaks, the way he thinks of his family, and in his faith. In the beginning of Book One, Homer describes Telemakhos:"sitting there unhappy among suitors, a boy, daydreaming" (1. 141-142). Athena arrives in the next line of the poem, and Telemakhos immediately begins to evolve. With Athena's presence, one can see a more mature Telemakhos ready to take on his somewhat limited role as head of the household. Athena gives him both the wisdom and the strength he needs to begin the journey on which he is searching for news about his father. The first indication of this is when Telemakhos scolds Penelope for asking the minstrel to stop singing about the homecoming from Troy.

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