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Christianity Survival

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             God sent Jesus to earth to show the people of the time how one should live there life on this planet, moreover, that true life was in Heaven. He preached about love for one another and that every man and woman was equal regardless of class. .
             Jesus said it was extremely difficult for the wealthy to enter the kingdom of heaven. Page 291 Living Religions .
             This message appealed to the lower class individuals at the time and gave them hope of a better life after death. Jesus taught that everyone has a God that pardons us, not based on our works and "righteous effort", but based on His love for us. His message was that God was forgiving even to those hated on earth like toll-collectors, prostitutes, or ignorant common people. He preached that these people are more likely to receive God's merciful forgiveness than are the hypocritically self-righteous. .
             Jesus said it was only in childlikeness that people could enter the kingdom of heaven. Page 295 Living Religions .
             His early followers were people with very little hope from their government or the current Judaism religion. Jesus also welcomed women as his disciples, for example, Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, Joses, Salome the mother of the disciples James and John, Mary of Bethany, Martha, Susanna, and Joanna are among those mentioned in the gospels. Women were on equal field as men, which definitely helped the religion as it grew. Christianity in its beginning was a true GRACE religion. It focused strongly on how much the Lord loved his people, and forgave everyone no matter what the sin, if they truly asked for forgiveness. Unfortunately, this GRACE religion also seems to cause a lot of death in the years to come. People seemed to believe that killing another person who does not believe the same ideas, as one, was ok. The name of Jesus was used in vain on many battlefields, as governments believed they were just.

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