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The Jungle

            The novel ' The Jungle' by Upton Sinclair took place in the 1900's the main character in this book is Jurgis Rudkis and his dynamic change to Socialism. He started out as a young and strong man looking for the "american dream." He left Lithuania in hope of starting a family and a cordial Life. The beginning of this book starts at the wedding of Jurgis and Ona Lukoszaite which I believe symbolizes that they are starting a new life for themselves and it is starting out with happiness and a bond. They live in Packington their first day the get jobs quite easily still supporting the idea that things are going well. Jurgis was a hard working and good willed man in the beginning suprisingly he even liked his job at the killing beds. The conditions there were horrible, there was no concern for workers because if one would quit then the industries would go down to the docks and hire another immigrant who would work for nothing . That' s where union's came in but they were also corrupt and could be counterstriked by industries. So that's where the Socialist Party came in and what I believe the central theme is. It was a worker's political party a party that realized the only way to change things was to control the Government. I also believe this book was written for people to know about all the unjustice's that were commited at this time through the money hungry politicians and industrial giant's and how immigrants where exploited along with their families and used by the "system" of waste and replace. Since there was such a steady flow of unskilled workers coming into the country employers didn't have to worry about the needs of their workers. Jurgis and his family expierienced this world of unjustice drastically. Eventually they get a house, which causes them all to get a job to afford it, but they can still manage. Antanas who is Jurgis's father soon dies from tuberculosis. Winter comes and is hard for anyone who isn't prepared the conditions at the yards is now at it's worst so when juris is approached to join the union he doesn't hesitate and soon the whole family is in the union.

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