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The amish way of life

             The Amish people believe that God has called them to a life of faith, dedication, humility, and service. They believe that God has a personal interest in their lives and their communities and this belief is what holds them together. Their way of life is based on Christian morals, traditions, and customs that have lasted for generations and they follow in the footsteps of their forefathers.
             Although the Amish are involved in many volunteer and relief organizations, they choose to keep their distance from outsiders. They have distanced themselves from the Government by refusing to allow their children to attend public school. It may seem strange that failing to send children to school past the eighth grade would be a permitted or acceptable practice but the Amish society is itself a school. They train their young people how to be homemakers and farmers, carpenters and tradesman from very early ages. .
             Since their Christianity demands the Amish lead a simple existence, they have managed to avoid the influences of television, radio, and most technology of today. While most Americans left the rural areas for the industrialized cities, learning to drive cars, use telephones, watch television and eventually surf the Internet, the Amish stayed down on the farm, refused to use electrical products, and warned against the "worldly ways" of a society that talked more about microchips than God.
             In conclusion, I would think that it would be very hard for the Amish people to maintain their lifestyle, particularly in a place such as Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, where over 3 million tourist a year, invade their privacy. I can see their way of life and understand there reasons for seclusion. I don't agree with all of the Amish beliefs and would not want to live as part of their society. However, I look at the way of life now and I see how many of us wish life was as simple today as 30 years ago.

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