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Functionalist view of Amish

            This essay will attempt to describe the Amish culture from a functionalist point of view. Before describing the Amish, functionalism must be defined to establish a better understanding of what functionalism is and how it works within the Amish culture. Functionalists emphasize the contributions performed by each member of a society. The idea of functionalism says that each part of the social structure plays a role in making the entire society come together as a whole.
             The people of the Amish culture are born and raised within their society and most remain for a lifetime. The average Amish family consists of mother, father, and, on average, seven children. Each family member will be expected to play a role in the family, as the family will play a role in the order. The Amish way of life can be quite predictable and expected to remain that way for years to come.
             Each member of an Amish family is taught to work hard for the good of the family. Children usually attend school until they complete the 8th grade. Once they complete school, they will begin to learn the roles of an adult in their society. The girls will learn to become homemakers as their mother learned, and the boys will learn to become farmers or follow in the trade of the father. The common belief is that most Amish men are farmers, however, many work in local factories or the cottage industry. Whatever the trade may be, the living is made from hard work and the Amish way of life will go on.
             One of the many common beliefs of the Amish culture is a strong belief in the church. All members of an Amish order attend church together to become one with their Lord. The religious services are held in members" home every other Sunday and meet in a different home each time. .
             The beliefs or views of the Amish people have been maintained for many years, although they vary among different orders. They strongly believe in remaining separate from the rest of the world so that their culture will continue to be maintained the way it is now.

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