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            "Amish mount rare petition drive to keep horses on property.
             By Dan Lewerenz.
             I chose this article for chapter four to fit under Cultural Diversity. The article discusses a situation involving two Amish men who received fines for having horses on their property without the adequate amount of land required by law. One of the men challenged the zone ordinance on religious freedom grounds and the district postponed the hearing for procedural reasons.
             The Amish are a very good example that we can relate to due to the fact that they are like neighbors to us. We can see the cultural differences in reality on a day to day basis because they are a part of our society. We see how they differ from our own culture by the Gesellschaft society and the Gemeinschaft community. Although the Amish are a subculture and usually looked at in that perspective, this article shows us that there are circumstances that we find the reactions shocking. In this article, an Amish man receives a fine, starts a petition, goes to court and fights the fine that he receives instead of laying low and accepting it like we would all expect. It is very rare to see this happen in the Amish community. The Amish are very culturally diverse in various ways but this article also shows us an example of cultural diffusion. Years ago, a person belonging to the Amish community wouldn't dare to fight the law. Times sure are changing along with the Amish community.

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