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Cross-Cultural Comparison

            The Amish way of life is hundreds of years old but is still around today, most commonly in Pennsylvania America. The Amish are a very religious people and have a greatly community based lifestyle. These people lead a remarkably basic and traditional life, this of course is an extreme contrast to today's modern society.
             The life of today's Amish adolescent is very different to my life (being a typical Australian teenager). The Amish believe in being modest in attitude and appearance, two qualities I do not possess, the typical Amish teenager would wear mostly black (pants, vest and tunic and/or a bland coloured shirt) and they would always wear a hat or something to cover their head. It is believed that colourful clothing and buttons are too "proud" and they are against them. I on the other hand choose what ever I like to wear, whether it is colourful or not, for the most part I would wear pants (which an Amish girl could not) and a T-shirt.
             The community aspects of the Amish, such as barn raising and church attendance are not priorities in my life. I don't feel a strong enough religious affliction to waste an hour of my life to hear the droning of an elderly man. Going to church is a regular engagement for the Amish and they abide strictly by the bible, rules on shunning because of bad and excessive or untraditional behaviors all sprout from bible passages. Having a community connection is important for life in the Amish society, but in my life, a sense of community where a live is not present. I could not care less if someone in my neighbourhood got robbed (unless of course it was near me, then I would worry about my own house).
             Being a teenager means in the Amish community the beginning of the courting ritual. A teen Amish boy and girl are allowed on a date in a horse drawn cart for a ride together, things like this would be repeated and these two children would most likely be wed. For me it is very different, I would choose my own boyfriend and I am allowed to go where ever I please with him, and this will most definitely not be the person I marry, going through several boyfriends is normal for a typical Australian teenage girl.

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