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Puritanism in early america

             Morgan notes, there is nothing in 17th century New England that upsets the Puritan society more than a religious radical on the rise, let alone two self-righteous ones. The early years at the Massachusetts Bay Colony were understandably difficult. Winthrop presided as front man to the challenge of employing a government to the Puritan settlement amidst an environment of unknowns. The recently established colony battled disease, starvation, and frigid weather, but still had courage. Within three years, the colony gained enough strength and experience to elicit a flood of incoming Puritan immigrants, all appalled by the religious and economic matters in England. Yet the expanding colony in America appealed not only to those upset with the "mistakes that King Charles and Bishop Laud were making", but also to extremists (65). Prime examples of this were Anne Hutchinson and Roger Williams. The two figures posed a real threat to the stability of colony in more ways than one. One outspoken and the other smoothly charismatic, both personalities brought a combination of irresistible charm and logic that quickly triggered dissent. And because solidarity was key to the survival of the commonwealth, Governor Winthrop did not take kindly to attention that gathered around these two controversialists. As Hutchinson and Williams would soon discover, the concept of freedom within Puritan society was limited to exercising uniform beliefs, not questioning them. .
             The Puritan faith strongly believed in the strength of the individual. Yet after having experienced minor episodes with "men who wanted to be too good", the emphasis on public stability became imperative (86). For opponents and supporters alike, there needed to be an absolute authority to enforce the laws that would uphold the colony's celebrated covenant with God. .

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