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Types of Business

            Attention Want To Start Your Own Business.
             What type of business do you want to start: Sole Trading, Partnership, Limited Company, Cooperative, or Franchise? If you want to start any one these types of businesses pay close attention to the next following paragraphs for more information on all of these businesses for you to choose that best fits you and your needs.
             Sole Trading.
             Sole Trading is one of the most common ways to start a business because you"re your own boss. But have to notify your tax inspector and contributions agency. Trying to open your business with your own finances can be hard because of all the charges and fees for hosting and renting a space, paying for workers (if your business is going to be that large that you need people to work for you) and there payroll checks and the insurance as well as insurance for the business it's self. You can go broke in about a month and you"re left with a closed business and all the debt that you"re stuck with. The best way to go about this is to start small and then grow and get bigger. Never try and start big.
             Partnership business is good ways to jump start your business because if you"re sick then your partner can pick up the slack and you do have to strain your self as much on ideas to keep the company running because you always have help with it. And you can split the cost of opening the business and other finances in half. But the bad part about a partnership is that sometimes if you owe to many people your partner might leave and then you"re stuck with all of the bills all by your self and then your in debt.
             Limited Company.
             Limited Company means that there are limited liabilities in the company where you put money in to the company but never really have your entire personal asset in the company. Plus there is public access to accounts and different tax laws and it legally more complicated. And a lot more people are usually in on your business ideas and you can pull your money out faster.

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